Most musicians are curious about that kind of stuff. I know I am.

Steel guitar:

  • Redline Resophonic, 0031 (w/DPA 4099 microphone)
  • MSA Superslide 12-string Reece Anderson tuning, dropped down to B, SS121083
  • MSA “The Universal” in Reece Andersons Bb universal tuning, raised to B, 1C6581

I’m using 3 different bars, depending on the instrument and tune:

  • a Lap Dawg for dobro
  • a SP2 for dobro and lap
  • Jim Dunlop 7/8″ bullet nose

Nylon string:

  • Teodoro Perez “Madrid”, no #, 2012
  • K Yairi CE-1, 42586

Electric guitar:

  • Ibanez AS-100, D814307


  • ZT Lunchbox Acoustic
  • Peavey Classic 30
  • TomKat Amp


  • The Line6 M9 has grown into a real pedalboard…
  • Wampler Ego Compressor
  • Wampler Hot Wired 2
  • Eventide H9 (as a leslie simulator)
  • Wet Reverb
  • Morley Little Alligator volume pedal
  • Line6 Echo Pro (if I would find the time to figure it out)

The Computer (Mac):

  • Logic Audio Pro
  • Sibelius 7
  • RME Baby Face (audio interface)
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