It started with having to learn:

  • – how to extract JSON calls from WordPress
  • – then how to skin it.

Now that I have it, I might as well put it to some use.

The Past:

I stopped playing and performing (jazz on guitar in case anybody wonders) for quite a few years when life happened. Then I heard Tom Morell’s playing and I felt to be old enough to just have fun and thought: I might as well do something entirely different. A conversation with Reece Anderson convinced me that I need the 12-string version of the “MSA SuperSlide”. Then I bought a first dobro, thinking that this might serve as training wheels for the lap steel.

It turned out that reasoning was wrong.

The instruments are wildly different (less so by now, but they were for a long time) and the steel guitar led a lonely life in its gig bag. Then Peter Blackwelder, fiddle player of the Bluegrass band I was playing in, asked whether I would like to play in a show of Hank Williams and Patsy Cline tunes. I had to start practicing the Don Helms lines which really helped to remove the block I had developed with the SuperSlide.

The Present:

Noodling around is a somewhat circular activity and I’m trying to formalize my approach towards learning. Personally I am more interested in the single-note side of the instruments (when playing chords I feel like I’m being transported back in time for at least 70 years).

And this is where the re-purposed blog comes in, let’s see whether ambition can match reality.

NB: Joe Wright’s Lessons also have proven to be a tremendous resource for me.

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